Jo-Beth Taylor is apparently my girlfriend. She works the midnight to dawn shift at And thatís, what they always say on Trouble is, Jo hasnít talked to me in fifteen months.



Thereís lots of things, that are bit strange about Zinc. Like for instance, Nugget and Al, the two DJís who were sacked nearly a year ago. And then, went to work at another radio station in the same building. But still, they are featured heavily on the websites. Curious. Very strange.


Anyway, I went up to visit Jo. But again strangely, this time, I was attacked by Nugget, for THREE DAYS, on the FM radio in Maroochydore.


So, I thought for a while I would solve the situation, by placing an iron bar, gently across Nuggetís face.

But instead, I exposed Nugget an Al, for what they really are. Rapists. You can read about it at Or

Interesting. Especially, when you understand, they bothered me, for over twenty years.


And, Iím wondering if they are in jail? Or, maybe, the iron bar is still needed?



By the way, the Premier understands completely, she says, that my thirteen love songs album, would never earn a cent, in twenty-three years now.

And, ofcoarse, it is bad for the economy, to talk about that.