Itís ALL right with Taylor. But itís not alright. And we agree that itís OK.





Juxtaposition†††††† †††††††††††††© John Birch and Jo-Beth Taylor 2021.

I love the lady. Thatís why itís ALL right. But itís not alright sometimes. And at the same time, we agree, itís OK.

--- A juxtapostion is a seeming contradiction that in fact agrees. (My own definition.)


My girl works at a radio station. I also said, ĎDrugs are an essential part of a free enterprise

economyĒ. Both sides are true. If you think. Both sides now.


Because she works in radio, she has to take drugs. I wonít go near them. But we love each other.

What can we do? We agree to disagree. Like I said, both sides now. Itís a juxtaposition.


I donít like them. She takes them. Thatís OK.



I also said,


--- Thatís the cleverest Iíve ever been Taylor. Thanks. She helped me.