There's a rose

          In your garden

          Thats growing

          Just for you


          & when you come home

          I'll pick that flower

          And our love

          Will be brand new


       >  For I have shown you many times how much I care for you


          & I know

          These lines will never do


          But the happiness our love will be

          Begins ..... BRAND NEW


          With a rose from me to you

          With a rose from me to you


          From  > once more


          With a rose from me to you




























          SEPERATION        (C)J.BIRCH I997.


          Seperation is the blues

          If I ever loose you

          I know

          I'll never live again

          You lit the fuse

          Now I know

          Seperation is the blues


          & Mellissa is her name

          She's a special lady

          I'd love

          Forever & again

          Dont want to loose

          Her again

          Cuz' seperation is the blues


          There's magic 

          In her walk

          There's magic

          In her talk


          She lit the fuse

          Now seperation is the blues


          Here's a song to say I love you

          Its comeing from my heart

          Dont care who knows

          Cuz' I loved you from the start

          When you walked in to my life

          You made me feel so beautiful

          Please dont go again

          I can only think of you