††††††††† My Wife Is Rich††† †††††††††© John Birch 2021.

††††††††† My wife is allowed sue. I am not allowed sue. But my wife is.

††††††††† For my wife further: It can be very easy to sue. Times off etc. There are lots of ways to make

††††††††† that easy for you. It would not be difficult. I promise.


††††††††† You will be very, very wealthy.


††††††††† --- Youíre rich yourself, now. You can sue.



††††††††† Iíve got twenty albums now. Please sue Jo.




††††††††† ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

††††††††† My girlfriend is able to sue too.

††††††††† Take Jon Coghillís house off him please.


††††††††† Talk to a lawyer for ten minutes.



††††††††† --- Iíve been called a pedophile by that station for twenty-three years.

††††††††† --- Why doesnít Jo want to sue?