A Writer’s Lot                      © John Birch 2019.  


          I once met a man, who was standing in the shadow. He told me, I worried about the future

          too much. He offered me the magic elixir.


          I told the man, I did not want his magic elixir, to stop me worrying about the future.


          People who are hi, all the time, don’t think enough, about the future, I said.



          There was a short silence. Then I heard the man say, “I play a guitar on stage, and if I worried

          on stage, I would not be able to do my job at all”.


          I said to the man, “Did you know Beatles wrote all their songs, without drugs? If you want to

          compete with The Beatles, like I do, I am a writer, you do not take drugs. I have written 200



          “You take the hi road my friend. I will take the low road. We will meet again, I’m sure, in      



           “A symphony AND a song”.