Scenario 1 --- My Opinion Only


Jon Coghill is a conman.


He stole my income for twenty-three years. But when I released my eighteenth love songs album

it became clear to everyone he was lying. Jon Coghill, had called me a pedophile.


He stole my income in many ways.


--- He stole directly from my monthly sales at the distributer.

--- He trashed my reputation in the media. Leading to increased sales for his rival band.

--- He also trashed the reputation of the Viagra medicine. Which lead to increased drug sales.

     Which he got a percentage of. (I had an album called Viagra.)

--- He also provided links to low class porn websites on websites of his own.


Together with his accomplices he stole my income for twenty-three years.


Jon Coghill lives on the Sunshine Coast. I myself, live on the South Coast. Four hundred kilometres

away. Jon Coghill and his accomplices stole for decades without me knowing how they were stealing.

I lived too far away.


His accomplices included, four local radio stations, Australian TV. And some US Media. Also, five

woman I had never met, who falsely said, I was associated with them.


Those five women, trashed my reputation. By calling me sexually inadequate. Therefore, trashing

the Viagra medicine’s reputation. In order to raise illegal drugs sales, etc.


He also, had a hold over authorities. Or, paid authorities. Including politicians.


Where Jon Coghill lives there are two local radio stations. At those two radio stations five woman

with the same name worked. Each had the same name of a former girlfriend of mine.


The con dwindled over the years as people became aware it wouldn’t last.



PS: 2021: Mr Coghill is currently starting a business similar to Young Talent Time.


PS: Mr Coghill worked at ABC Sunshine Coast next door to Zinc Fm.

PS: There have been four Jo-Beth Taylors work at Zinc Fm. One at Mix Fm.


PS: None of the Jo-Beth Taylors are the same Jo-Beth Taylor I knew in 1999.


PS: Jon Coghill has, in the past, called himself a ‘Proud Pedophile’.


PS: In my opinion Mr Coghill is a Violent Pedophile. He relaxes with violence

      because he can’t relax by being a pedophile legally.


PS: Jon Coghill has been sentenced to three years prison for violence.


PS: I, myself am not a pedophile. I wrote twenty love songs albums.

      Jon Coghill called me a pedophile because he is violent.