††††† Michael Lowe sings Hots, My Baby Rocks Me, Song About You And Me, and You Are The Reason, on the Viagra album.

††††† Michael also sings God Gave You Legs on the Monkey album. He sings all the tracks on Demo 95.


††††† Michaelís brother in law, Stephen Downs, sings Beyond The Need on the Viagra album.

††††† And Rosalinda (Steveís Version) on Viagra 2008.


††††† Julian Jones sings the Viagra song on the Viagra album. Plus Rosalinda. And Overkill on Viagra 2008.


††††† Mark Tempany sings E-lec-tric-it-y, Ceiling and I Love You on the Viagra album.


††††† Shane Kells sings all the Monkey album tracks, except Michaelís God Gave You Legs.




††††† MarkTempany.com

†††† Dash McIvor - Producer - Viagra

††††† Allan J Gilmore - Producer - Monkey