††††††††† Jo-Beth Taylor Didnít Talk To Me†††††††††† †††††††††††© John Birch 2020.

††††††††† I proposed to Jo twice. Each time was the same. Each time, she says, she needs sex straight

††††††††† away. But I say, each time, I want to get to know you a bit better first. Can we talk?


††††††††† Each time she teases me, with her media show. Each time she refuses to talk to me.


††††††† This time, after not being able to talk to her for nine months. And after sending her 100

††††††† unanswered emails. I decided I wasnít interested, in marrying a lady, who never talks to me.


††††† I invited her to my place for sex quite a few times. But each time there was no answer. Just

†† †††††more teasing from her media show.


†††††††† I decided after nine months to leave.


†††††††I donít know what your problem is Jo. But not talking to me for nine months. In my book, will not

†††††† get you married.


††††††††† Jo-Beth Taylor, didnít talk to me, at all, for nine months.




††††††††† PS: In my opinion, she planned it. And has done it, lots of times, before. Her radio station, was also,

††††††††† part of the plan.