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††††††† ††We Are Not Robots††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††© John Birch 2020.

†††††††† When the soldiers came back from WW2, there was a problem. For both the men and the

††††††††† women.


††††††††† At the dock, in Brisbane, the ship held 10,000 soldiers. But on the dock, itself, there were only

††††††††† 200 wives.


††††††††† When the men realised there were only 200 wives. They exploded. They thought the enemy

††††††††† had bombed Brisbane. There were fights. But the caption of the ship, told the fellers, that

†††††††††† most of their wives, were at home. Because they were too emotional.


††††††††† The soldiers, instantly, put their heads down. And bowed to the ladies on the dock. They filed

††††††††† off the ship in an orderly manner.


††††††††† When a couple, have been apart, from each other, for 3 years. That is normal.



††††††††† I first asked Joanne to marry me in the late 90ís. But because of circumstances beyond both

†††††††† our control. We have been apart, over 20 years.


†††††† ††††It is very difficult. And it is completely normal, to be too emotional. In that circumstance.



†††† †††At the moment. I am completing, three 20 tracks love songs albums.

†† ††††††There are other things, happening as well. It is normal. The emotions run high.


†† †††††††It is completely normal.



†††††††††† People are people. We are not robots.



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