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       Why don’t the DJ’s on Triple M Brisbane get the same treatment as they gave to me? Why

       don’t we go on and on calling them pedophiles? They confessed to being pedophiles themselves.

       Why not?


       There have been lots of pedophiles who work in the media. Why don’t they, get the same   

       treatment, in the media, like they gave me?


       Love thy neighbour as you love yourself is the basis of the law world wide for two thousand

       years. Why not?


       Their answer is, “The media is a business and that wouldn’t work for us”. They said.


       My answer is, I am going to put a bullet through your head. In self defence.


       20 original love songs albums.


       America has got nuclear bombs. Is it wrong, to defend yourself?


       They’re dead. Stand away from them buddy. They’re dead.