Attacked              © John Birch 2019.    


            When I was about 15 or 16, I was walking down our street, towards the beach. The beach was

          about 2 or 3 hundred metres away from where we lived. I had a towel over my shoulders.


          Out of one of the houses, on the other side of the street, a 20-year-old man on drugs, come

          out of nowhere. And attacked me. He grabbed me, and pushed me to the Unit block. He

          bashed my head against the concrete brick wall repeatedly. He was on drugs. And he was

          trying to kill me.


          Then something happened. A police officer, who lived in the Unit block, helped me. She had

          just got home from work. She was still in uniform. And she had a gun. She yelled out, “Stop

          that immediately”. “I’ve got a gun”. And she fired a shot in to the air.


          The druggie, smartly, ran for his life. Up the street. And away. I never did see him again.


          Drugs are an essential part of a free enterprise economy. But, no one, ever, is allowed,

          to go around bashing in to their mates, on drugs!









          I really don’t think that taking drugs can take away all your problems.

          Because the purpose of the mind is to solve problems.