A rich government doctor raped me. Then swept me under the carpet. But I wrote 20 love    

          songs albums. You sweep me under the carpet. I can pull the rug out from under your feet.


                                25-Nov-2017: I got one million Australians to my lyrics page, in the last 12 weeks.

                                 The whole time the Premier says, I can’t be talked about. She cheated at the election.

                                 No opposition allowed. Similar in 1987: The day after the doctor raped me, he said,

                                 I couldn’t go to court. Too mentally ill, he said. But he was the rapist!


                               I haven’t seen a psychiatrist since 2002. Now too mentally ill??? How would they know?


                               1987: He raped me, then regulated and restricted me for ten years. I had been to a party.

                               For the last 5 years all I said to them was, “I’ve got no problems I need to discuss with you”.