Birds Still Fly†††††† ††††††††††††††© John Birch 2020.

††† Itís a very bad criminal who deceives a country for twenty years.

†† But also, a much worse criminal, who doesnít own up to that, in twenty years, too.


†† I heard Jo-Beth Taylor play that tape on your show.

†† I heard her voice also at that time.

I know, that Jo-Beth Taylor, is not the same Jo-Beth Taylor you put forward as Jo-Beth Taylor to me.

So does the audience.


The real Jo-Beth Taylor, told people, about your deception, then Daryl Somers.††††

Daryl Somers, you are guilty of deceiving the whole country over twenty years. Jo-Beth Taylor is not.


Jo-Beth Taylor, is not, guilty of deception. You are Daryl Somers.