Can’t Fight The Moonlight                   © John Birch 2021.


          I knew Jo-Beth Taylor romantically from 2019 to 2021. For twenty months. Jo would like to tell    

          you I was unfair because I wouldn’t give her sex. The truth is after four months of knowing her I

          had a plan to expose her for what she was. Jo-Beth Taylor teased me with the ambition of

          hurting me. I can prove that because I taped her over the last sixteen months. Jo used her radio

          show to tease me in order to hurt me. Jo is a violent drug addict.


          You shouldn’t hang around with drugs Jo-Beth Taylor. You are really a much nicer person. You

          can be my partner again if you want to Jo-Beth Taylor. But not if you are on drugs.



                                                                                       Stronger Than Springtime