†††††††† Choose Love†† ††††††††© John Birch 2021.

†††††††† You say, it is just about sex. You say, forget love.


†††† ††††Can I ask you a question? When you are very old? When ††††

††††† †††your sex doesnít work for you any more? What will you

††††††††† be like then? Do you want to be by yourself?

††††††††† I suppose, you can be by yourself. If you want to. Or, †††

††††††††† you can choose to love.


††††††††† Itís up to you. When, you are ready.


††††††††† If you donít want to love. Right now. Then, go be by

††††† ††††yourself, is fine.


††††† ††††As I said, you can come back. When you are ready.


††††††††† Itís not just about sex. Itís about love.