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†††††††† I used to keep my house completely clean.

†† †††††But one day I looked outside. And I noticed something.

††† ††††There's dirt everywhere outside.†††

††††††Should I get rid of all the dirt outside as well?


††††††† I used to have a shower every day.

††††††† But then I realized.

††††††† Dirtís OK.


†††††† Beethoven, was a very untidy guy.

†††† But he was also a bloody genius.


†††† I went to the doctor. He prescribed me an antibiotic.

††† For 5 years, I took an antibiotic.

†††Doctor then told me.

†††Because I had taken so many antibiotics.

††I was probably going to die.


†††† These days, I hardly ever clean my room.

†††† Hardly ever take a shower.

††† Hardly ever see the doctor.


††And you know what? I understand. Simple.

Dirtís OK.