Dr Davies                  © John Birch 2013.          Since 2013 Here.


          Dr Davies put me in prison for six months in 1997. (2nd time.)

          He said he ‘forgot’ about me.

          Dr Davies was in charge at Woodridge Mental Health.



          Dr O’Callaghan


          Dr O’Callaghan once said to me…


          “If you even think, about applying for a passport, I will regulate and restrict you,

          for a further ten years”. “And as you know, if a doctor says, a regulated and

          restricted patient, of Queensland Mental Health, can not leave, the state, or the country”.


          Twice I tried to move to another state. And twice, I was told, I had to go back.


          I took 200 lyrics to Dr O’Callaghan in 1997. He refused to even look at them.


          Dr O’Callaghan was in charge at Beenleigh Mental Health.




          PS: Nurses and staff knew what the doctors were doing.