I Met This Girl Last Night                  © John Birch 2020.


          I met this girl last night. Her name was Jo-Beth Taylor. I didn’t like her last name at all. So, I told     

          her, to go get some Viagra. The vicious dog then bit me. Which I really didn’t Sammy. So, that

          day, led to the next night. Witch I had some fun. However, there was a catch.


          The lady said, she was Maralyn Munroe’s daughter. Sort of weird though, because she wasn’t.       

          Then she sold me the plan, on a $5 million dollar house. Which I thought was impossible. Then

          she said some other stuff. That I, didn’t think was impossible at all.


          I offerred the lady $1,000- just to talk to me. And she said, “No”. So, I put a deposit on a house.       

          And she said, “Yes”. And that was enough, for me, for a while. Witch it wasn’t. And, now I’ve         

          got a real problem. A real problem. Witch, I don’t mind, all the time.


          I went to sleep though, laughing. And I can’t remember.


          I woke up at 2 o’clock. Window was open. Rain was pouring in. I realized, the hi-fi         

          and TV were both on. So, I closed the window. Hoped the vampire would come back.


          Did I say, she’s been here before?


          I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got no real problem, with what’s going to happen tomorrow. But I do    

          feel, there’s a strong need. A very strong need. For me, to have in my record collection.      

          Something in the way she moves by George Harrison and the Beatles.


          Or maybe, even, Jo-Beth Taylor.



                                                                                                              Attempted Murder