Internet and No Reply

The Personnel, on the new songs, on the Internet, and No Reply albums are


Honest Sweat --- Ben Kerswell and Rebecca Kenny-Sumiga.


My Girl --- Ben Kerswell.                          


Boomerang --- Phil Yates (Vocals, Guitar), Scott Williams (Bass), Jon Carson (Drums).


Two At Night --- Tim Gaze (Main Vocal), Phil Yates (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Scott Williams (Bass),

Jon Carson (Drums), Allan Lahey (Percussion).


Miss Simplicity --- Ben Kerswell.


Roses Need Rain --- Ben Kerswell and Rebecca Kenny-Sumiga.


I'm So Blue --- Tim Gaze (Main Vocal), Phil Yates, Sara Smith, Billy Bakos, Mick Edis, Allan Lahey.


Hard To Get Easy --- Tim Gaze (Main Vocal), Phil Yates (Guitar), Scott Williams (Bass), Jon Carson (Drums),

Gary Haddad (Mandolin), Shaun Marshall, Rebecca Kenny-Sumiga and Allan Lahey (Backing Vocals), Allan Lahey (Percussion).



Producer and Engineering --- Allan Lahey, for all the new songs. Except Boomerang --- Produced by Allan Lahey and Phil Yates.

All songs recorded at Allan Laheys Taramalin Sound.



Note 1: No Reply album is the Viagra 2008 album with these eight new tracks.

Note 2: Internet album is these eight new tracks with four tracks from the Viagra album.