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††††††††† John Doesnít Take Drugs†††††††††††† © John Birch 2018.

††††††††† TELLivision is a thing that TELLs you. You sit in front of it and it TELLs you what to do.

††††††††† Dictators are much the same. They TELL you what to do. You get no choice.


††††††††† I choose to play CDs of a night time. I donít choose CDs that tell me itís not ok. I choose CDs ††

††††††††† that that tell me itís ok. There are tons. Itís your choice.


††††††††† The Internet is great. There are millions of web sites. And millions of radio stations. You have a

††††††††† choice.


††††††††† I donít take drugs because I saw what they did to me friends at school. Itís my choice.



†††††††† As I said TELLivision is a dictator. If it were my choice. I would choose the Internet and CDs

††††††† that tell me itís ok.