'OVERKILL'     (C) J.BIRCH & M.MARTIN I993.      HappySurfing.com


     1    All woman are crazy          Note: Not a Men At Work or Colin Hay song.                              

          Dont it just make you mad

          First they say they love you

          Then they up and leave you flat


     Br   But dont you think that theyre crazy

          What have you got to say

          This mountain needs its valley

          Like the night needs the day


     Ch1  All woman are crazy

          And thats just their way

          And I hope that maybe

          I'll understand them some day


     Ch2  All woman are crazy

          And I dont know why

          But I hope that maybe

          This is not goodbye



     2    All woman are crazy

          Theyre all out of wack

          They say they dont need you

          Then they try and get you back



          ( rpt Br , Ch1 , Ch2 )