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††††††††† Late Nights and Coffee††† †††††††††††††††© John Birch 2020.


††††††††† Jo-Beth Taylor is a very beautiful woman. And I was deeply interested in her.

††††††††† However, I chose not to be interested.


††††††† People live for their emotions. We let our heart rule. But that is not always the way.


††††††††† Drugs are a new thing. Only since the 1950ís. You have to be smarter.

††††††††† I have always kept away from drugs.



††††††††† At 15, I learned, to keep away from drugs. My friends, up in Horsham Street, both

††††††††† showed me, not to go down that path. I saw that both of them, were worse off, from taking

††††††††† drugs. Not better off, as they said.



††††††††† Druggies say they are hi. And they are better off, because they are hi. But I saw my friends

††††††††† in high school. And I could see, that obviously, none of them, were better off, from taking drugs.


††††††††† They say, you will have a better life on drugs. That is not the truth.



††††††Jo-Beth Taylor is very beautiful. But I am not interested, in marrying her, because she is a violent drug addict.

††††††††† She takes drugs.


†† †††††You will not have a better life on drugs.



†††††† PS: Monkey album was written on late nights and coffee. I never took drugs.

††††† PS: Beatles never took drugs to write their songs.