Love Thy Neighbour†††††† © John Birch 2012.††† Page 3


In the 1800ís, a negro guy got off a ship. He was auctioned as a slave. But was rejected at

auction because he had six toes.


Then there was a law case that argued whether he should be shot or sent to prison

because of that.


Simple fact is, he was shot, because he had six toes, because in those days in southern

United States, if you had six toes, you were garbage.


But now itís 2012, and thereís a negro president. But you say to me that I canít sell my



Well, thereís a monkey in a zoo in Japan. And the monkey knows signs. He can talk to

the deaf.


And from all over the world the deaf come to talk to the monkey.


Should the monkey be given a pension and a council flat?


Is the president a negro?


The monkey himself says, you shouldnít judge a book by its cover, because the proof

of the pudding is in the eating.


Treat your mate the same way youíd like to be treated yourself.


Donít steal off your mate.




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