Niagara’                  (C)J.Birch 2012.

                        Like Ernie Dingo - plenty of long rests

   When it rains

   Our house leaks

   And me dad, he marches us all outside

   And we have to sleep in his car for a week


   Me dad's car

   It’s done 500,000 K

   But he always says

  “Don’t worry about it, it'll be okay" 


   Me mum                       

   She wrestles alligators         

   One day, one of them alligators 

   It bit off her foot           


   Me sister asked her                     

  "Mum, don’t you feel no pain?” 

   She just smiled, said          

  "I gotta mash these potatoes”


  "I'll think about it, later"            


   Me brother

   He’s an industrial chemist!

   He worries, a lot 

   The ozone layer! Bin Laden! the war!, money!


   Me Dad, he chucked him a sarsaparilla

   And said,


   Think about it, tomorrow”


   Well, tomorrow came

   And it rained

   And me dad, he didn’t like it

   He complained


   And me, I just turned on the radio

   And don’t you know?

  It never rains in California

   But man, don’t they ever warn ya’

   It pours! It pours!’


   So, when it rains

   And your roof leaks

   And your dad, he marches you outside

   And you have to sleep in his car for a week


   Remember this

   This is what I reckon


  ‘Take Viagra 

   Be a liberated man

   Don’t just think about Niagara 

   Get it while you can’.



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