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          A doctor once told me, anyone can shift between the attitude ‘it’s not all right’, to the attitude

          ‘it’s OK’, at any time. “Your attitudes are always up to you”, he said.


          The first time, I saw the 911 thing on TV, I was at a club. I said to the fellers, “If I give you $5-,

          can I switch the TV off, during the commercial break?” “I will switch it back on, after the ads”.

          After the 3-minute rest, I said,” You can do that yourselves, any time”. “If you need a rest”.

          They kept watching. Smile on their dial.


          I heard John Lennon sing his Revolution song. At the end of the song, John tells us, that it is not

          all right for him. But isn’t it OK for you, Mr John Lennon? Aren’t you a Beatle?




        Slavery is obviously not OK. Hitler.blue