†††††††††††† To the girl I met in 1999. Can you please let me love you again.

†††††††††††† Oh, I got no trouble with that.


†††††††††††† My songs are all about you. What else can I do?

†††††††††††† Chains Tina Arena. Come on?


†††††††††††† Hey, voicey creature. Get back in to bed. I miss you.


††††††††††† Talkin to myself and feelin down

††††††††††† No need to sort it out

††††††††††† We know what itís all about Ö


††††††††††† My Mum and Dad both said I should marry you. They said I obviously loved you.

††††††††††† Lost without you.


††††††††††† I love your voice in my daydreams. Can you get in my car please?


††††††††††† Imet this beautiful womanin 1999. Over the phone. I was in the hallway, she was sitting in front of her mirror. Can yu pleaee talk to me again? Donít be afraid. itís only love. I miss you. Please?


†††††††††† Thatís all I wantedto say.


†††††††††† --- Hello Red Jeans?