Small Station            © John Birch 2021.

        Zinc 96 radio station is a very small station on the north coast of Brisbane.    

        It’s transmission reach is about 15 kilometres. It is a very small station.


        The DJ’s there think they are ‘Superstars’. They’re not. It’s just drugs.

        They sell drugs.


        They tell you that drugs will make your life like heaven. That you will  

        have no problems. It is impossible to have no problems. The purpose of

        the mind is to solve problems. They are simply lying.


        Zinc 96 have called me a pedophile for over twenty years. Again, they lied.

        I have written twenty original love songs albums.


        I listened to Zinc 96. And taped their show.


        Their main sponsor would probably be a guy called Jon Coghill. Mr Coghill

        likes to call me a pedophile. I am not a pedophile. Mr Coghill is.


        Mr Coghill has been sentenced to three years prison.


        That station made fun of me being raped on the shock treatment table for

        two weeks.


        I taped their radio show for two years. And took them out.


        Their two main DJ’s are both rapists.


        I believe, when I tuned in to Zinc 96 radio station, they sent me to a radio

        station page on the Internet that is only broadcast to me. It is not what

        other people hear, when they tune in to that station.


        On that separate radio station those DJ’s have abused me.


        I taped that radio station for two years.


        The night time DJ, they say, to me, is just a computer program. But I sent

        two thousand emails to that station over three years. I have proof that is a



        Again: A radio station page on the Internet that is only broadcast to me.


       I have proof over 16 months.


       You are Violent Drug Addicts.


       --- I advise them to go see the Police. And I say, they won’t.

       --- If 4mmm and 4kq have done the same thing. They should be shut down  

            immediately. And permanently. They abused me.

       --- Did Jon Coghill pay them to abuse me?




           Nugget is not tall and strong. Like he says. He is short, fat, bald and

           wears glasses.


           Al is actually very short.


           That radio station is a very small radio station. It is just drugs.

           They abused me over twenty-three years.