Why I Am NOT Checking My Songcast Results

Will I check my stats at SongCast (iTunes) Taylor (Pay)? I am still never paid. I can tell.

No sales at fishpond ever, for the relaxing classics site. --- I will be incredibly angry for the rest of life. --- Bush. Kill Bill. Slavery.

--- Moondance? Doesn't work like that. How can I marry you? Without money, you can't. --- 38 years, no pay. Kill the bitch. (Premier.)

--- Will I check my stats Taylor? I am not going to. Because I have written twenty love songs albums. And that is how Dr kills.

Suicide + depression. No hope. Slavery and murder. Do you understand what he is like? Friendly doctor is a murderer. Who rapes then murders.

I write twenty love songs albums. then the politician says, unfortunately john canít be paid. And John canít marry Jo. and thatís OK.

Because politician is violent. And thatís OK.

So, I check the stats. Take a snip. Then advertise the snip. But not allowed says Premier. Too sad. No good for economy.


If Queensland thinks it is funny to take thirty-eight years work off me. Then, itís also funny that Queensland can die.

Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. Thatís normal. And not doing that. Then, normal that Queensland should die.

A record company should have approached me. They havenít. Thatís how I also know.

Youíd look good with a scar on your face Doctor. When you are dead. Justifiably dead.



And then you bastards all have sex with my girl. And I kill you. And that justifiable homicide.

And I donít care because itís normal.


I know you are like that doctor. Because you have been like it with me for twenty-two years already.

I donít need to check my stats doctor. I know what they are like doctor. You donít pay me. And I have written twenty original love songs albums.

And I also know what happens to a feller who doesnít pay... Youíre dead Dr Jekel. Dead.