†††††† I met Joanne when I was 40. She was 28.

†††††† Joanne agreed to marry me twice. The first time she said, for the rest of her life. I said the same.

†††††† We split up for a while. But one day, I decided to look her up on the Internet.

†††††† I found a web of lies.

†††††† But I found Joanne.

††† ††Joanne presents the ads, at a radio station, just up the coast.


†††† While I was looking for Joanne on the net, what I wanted mostly, was to see, that she was safe and well.††

†††††† She is safe and well.

†††††† And I, sometimes, again, hear her voice.


†††††† I donít worry about the future any more. Iíve got it figured out.

†††††† I told you to come here.

†††††† I know you love me.

†††††† I know you will.


†††††† How do I know?

†††††† We live for our emotions.