Chuck Berry     2



              © John Birch 2018.


          Chuck Berry was a very famous rock n roller in the 1950s.


          Chuck Berry, in the 1950s, went to jail on the MANN Act. Because he illegally had sex with a 16      

          year old girl.


          Funny thing was though, at practically the same time, in the same state, the government made   

          it legal for 16 year olds to get married and hold a licence and drive a car.


          So at the time, as I said in 1950s, the people all over United States, sort of you know scratched     

          their heads and said … “Well why is Chuck Berry in jail”?


          And so they let Chuck Berry out of jail.



         The people then got a bit of a shock because, while he was in jail, Chuck Berry had written a      

         song. And he released the song, which was called, ‘You never can tell’.


         The song went straight to Number 1.



         Then you know what happened? Elvis Presley got in trouble, with the papers, for having sex    

         with a 16 year old.




                                                                                         The Beatles




                                         16 year olds can get married in most countries now.

                                         Marijuana is legal in California since 1975.

                                         Politicians should be good problem solvers. Not popular.

                                         Chuck Berry was married for 68 years!!!