To Jo


If you are Jo-Beth Taylor from Zinc 96 radio station. Stop teasing me when I tune in.

Stop teasing me.

I sold my unit in order to get married to you. Then two days later. You don't want to know me.

Please stop teasing me.


You’ve done it for twenty months. Stop it.


--- It’s not the same person that I knew in 1999. It’s a different person.



Every time I tune in to these three radio stations. They attack and abuse me.

So, I don’t listen to any of those three radio stations any more.


They are violent drug addicts. You shouldn’t listen to them. They will only hurt you.

Don’t listen to them.



Triple M once said, “Triple M are violent people”. “And listeners are to understand”.

“We will be hurting you in the future”. --- Why would anyone listen to Triple M?


There are millions of radio station on the Internet.



Don’t listen to those three radio stations. They are violent drug addicts.



My Jo-Beth Taylor does not work at any of those three radio stations.

They lied to me. That’s how they got me to listen.



--- There have been four Jo-Beth Taylor work at Zinc 96 radio station.

--- My Jo-Beth Taylor would never work with those types of people.

     She is a warm and friendly girl. They are violent drug addicts.


--- Our Monkey album does NOT say take drugs. They said it did.

--- Jon Coghill from Powderfinger was the pedophile. Not me.



--- Jo, I let you be angry at me. Because anger is the last stage of depression.

     I honestly never, ever dumped you. It was beyond my control.


     You are still the most beautiful woman I have ever met. And I love you.

     I forgive you. And you are welcome to be my wife. Anytime.



--- My Jo-Beth Taylor is welcome to contact me. Anytime. I honestly still love you.                                          

     You are welcome to be my wife. Anytime. I love you.





      Further to:  It’s not the same person that I knew in 1999. It’s a different person.

      To Jo from 1999: The other Jo from Zinc (above) told me that she was you. I addressed all the

      emails to Jo-Beth Taylor - Red Jeans. I was looking for you. They lied to me. I never had sex with        

      them. None of them. Ever. Only you. I was just trying to find you again.


      Drugs/Coghill’s will try to keep us separate. Please understand, I only ever want to be with you

      again. Chemistry is right. Don’t let it bother you.


      I previously told you, that you were OK to have sex with other fellers. That bothers me now.

      I understand maybe, you may be married. And that bugs me. But if you are, I would love to be

      your friend. I love, to love you.


       In 1999, Neil Diamond, was on your show. Kentucky Rain. Kentucky Woman. Have a nice day.


       PS: Your photo relaxes me. My ‘problems seem to disappear’. Sexy too. I understand love,

       a lot more with you.



       Love makes it all right.



       More, under this link …




       Maroochydore Motel - 3 days - February-2021.