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††††††††† Trustworthy Doctor

††††††††† Doctor Ian Leivesley gave me pills for manic depression (lithium). And at the same time, pills

††††††††† for schizophrenia. And then after years, on both those, he took me way too rapidly off the lithium.

††††††††† (Which makes you calm ALL the time.) And so, then, I became, again, addicted to the tranquilizer for

††††††††† schizophrenia. And then, he said, I was a schizophrenic, because I was addicted to the pills for

††††††††† schizophrenia. (Which he had made me addicted to.) (If you canít get off the pills for schizophrenia,

††††††††† therefore, doctorís say, you are a schizophrenic. And need that medicine.) So, then, doctor said,

†††††††† you are a schizophrenic, and not allowed sell records.


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