Why does Microsoft word say ‘Try Again’?                                          © John Birch 2016.                       TryAgain.info


      In my opinion, usually this is because, the program has saved a temporary copy, of the document, with the same name, as you are trying to save.

      There’s a bit of a computer conflict going on.


      You want to save the name. But so does the program. And the program’s in charge.


      So, a simple answer is to save the document under another name.

      For Example: Instead of using the name Document 1.

      Try saving under the name Document 2 instead. 

      (Or maybe Document 777. You’re right. Your choice. No problem.)


      PS: If you really want the name. That’s fine.

      You can have it.


      In a few minutes, after the computer conflict is over…  you can change the name of your document, back to the original name.

      For Example: Save Document 2 now as, Document 1.


      Sweet! No problem.