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††††††† My Mother was in the great depression. In grade six she had to quit school. She walked ten †††††††††

††††††† miles at 4-30am every morning to the rich ladyís house. She got paid a penny. Then she walked

†††††† home. She had her meal. She went to bed. Then she got up and did the same thing the next day.


††††††† She walked in to the big city after the great depression had finished. She got a job in a

††† ††††weaving factory. Then she was in charge of a machine herself.


††††††† She got a lot of money. And went on a holiday. Then she met my Dad, who had been through †††††

††††††† the great depression also.



††††††† I understand there are Winter Nights. But I also understand itís OK today.



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